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Matthew 4 – Jesus Overcomes Temptation

by Jill

In this episode, I want to dive into Matthew Chapter 4 from the Bible. We’ll explore the three temptations that Jesus faced in the wilderness and how He used scripture to resist them. The devil uses scripture to create temptation, but Jesus shows us how to overcome it by also using scripture. Jesus understands temptation, having lived through hunger, poverty, and temptation, and He uses the Word of God to conquer these temptations.

I also want to take a closer look at why Jesus chose to begin His ministry in the region of Galilee, particularly in Capernaum. I believe Jesus chose this area to reach a diverse audience, as Galilee was a crossroads for various civilizations. By healing people’s physical ailments and preaching the gospel, Jesus attracts large crowds from surrounding areas, fulfilling the prophecy in Isaiah 9.

Let’s not forget the calling of Jesus’ first disciples – Peter, Andrew, James, and John. They were all busy with their work when Jesus called them, showing us that God usually calls people actively engaged in some occupation. As we reflect on Jesus’ first words of ministry, “Repent for the kingdom of heaven is at hand,” we can interpret this as an instruction for us to turn from our sins and rely on God’s word.

I’m struck by Jesus’s compassion in addressing physical and spiritual needs. Jesus faced our daily struggles to love and understand us fully.

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