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Matthew 14 – He Reaches Us In Our Time Of Doubt

by Jill

This episode is about Matthew 14, where we see Jesus’ ministry becoming more bold. The chapter starts with Herod the Tetrarch, who hears about Jesus and mistakenly believes that John the Baptist has been raised from the dead. Herod had previously imprisoned John for condemning his marriage to his brother’s wife, and eventually had John beheaded. The story then shifts to Jesus, who, upon hearing of John’s death, retreats to a desolate place. However, crowds follow him, and he compassionately heals their sick and miraculously feeds them with just five loaves and two fishes.

The narrative then moves to an event where Jesus walks on water, a miracle that initially frightens his disciples. Peter, one of the disciples, attempts to walk on water too, but he begins to sink when he becomes afraid. He cries out to Jesus, who reaches out and saves him. This moment deeply resonates with me; it symbolizes how, in moments of fear and doubt, Jesus is always there to save us even when it is the fault of our own doubt.

Reflecting on Peter’s actions, I wonder what it reveals about his character or our own faith. Was Peter bold or impulsive? Or was he testing what he saw before him? I find that there’s something to learn from his willingness to step out of the boat, a step I admit I might not have taken myself. This week, I plan to meditate on this concept of stepping out in faith despite the uncertainties and fears that might surround us.

In closing, I want to emphasize that no matter the situation, Jesus is always there to extend his hand and pull us back into safety. Whether or not things turn out the way we hope, Jesus’ compassion and care for us remain constant. My prayer for this week is to have the kind of faith that would enable me to step out of the boat, knowing that even when I begin to sink, Jesus will be there to save me.

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