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Matthew 13 – Parables For All Listeners

by Jill

In this podcast episode, we explore the teachings of Matthew 13 which comes mostly from parables. He tells parables, and then he emphasizes the importance of truly listening and internalizing His messages. The main theme is the parable of the sower and the seeds, and how people receive and respond to God’s word differently. Some people understand and cultivate it, becoming fruitful, while others ignore it or let worldly distractions choke it out.

He tells us that it’s not our job to judge or separate the ‘good’ from the ‘bad.’ Only God can do this, and He will do it at the end of days, not before. It may be difficult for some to accept, but it’s crucial to remember that God gives us all the time we need to stop resisting Him and accept His salvation. We look at the parables of the mustard seed and leavened bread, which metaphorically illustrate the growth of God’s kingdom from seemingly small beginnings.

We then move on to the parables about the hidden treasure and the exquisite pearl. Both stories emphasize the immense value of the Kingdom of Heaven and how it’s worth sacrificing everything to attain it. The last parable is about the net thrown into the sea, filled with both good and bad fish. This parable is similar to the parable of the wheat and the weeds, reinforcing the idea that it’s not our job to judge or separate; rather, it’s God’s task, which He will perform at the end of days.

In conclusion, we should truly listen and let God’s message penetrate their hearts. We can have a desire to be the good soil that receives God’s word, nurtures it, and yields a fruitful harvest. Consider what type of soil you are and to avoid being choked out by the thorny bushes of worldly distractions.

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