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Luke 21 – Look For The Fig Tree in Summer

by Jill

In Luke 21, Jesus discusses themes of faith, generosity, and the end times, providing profound lessons through the story of the widow’s offering and prophetic warnings about future tribulations.

The Widow’s Offering

The chapter begins with the story of a poor widow who gives two small copper coins to the temple treasury. Unlike the wealthy who give large amounts from their abundance, the widow’s offering, though small, is significant because it is all she has. This act of faith and total dependence on God is highlighted by Jesus as a true measure of generosity. The widow’s act contrasts sharply with the ostentatious donations of the rich, emphasizing that the value of a gift lies in the sacrifice behind it, not its monetary worth.

Prophecy of the Temple’s Destruction

Jesus then shifts focus to the future, prophesying the destruction of the temple in Jerusalem. This prediction, fulfilled in AD 70, shocked his listeners. The temple, a symbol of Jewish identity and worship, being destroyed would have been unthinkable. Jesus uses this prophecy to illustrate the impermanence of earthly structures and the importance of spiritual readiness.

Warnings of Future Tribulations

In his discourse, Jesus forewarns of false prophets, wars, natural disasters, and persecution. He cautions against being deceived by those claiming to be the Messiah and encourages his followers to remain steadfast in their faith. Despite the coming hardships, Jesus assures his disciples that their endurance will be rewarded. He promises divine wisdom and protection, emphasizing that they should not be afraid, as God is in control.

The Coming of the Son of Man

Jesus speaks of cosmic disturbances and signs in the heavens, signaling the coming of the Son of Man. This apocalyptic imagery is meant to prepare believers for the ultimate redemption and the establishment of God’s kingdom. He urges his followers to stay vigilant, live righteously, and remain hopeful, as these signs indicate that their redemption is near.

Lessons for Today

The teachings in Luke 21 remain relevant, reminding us of the transient nature of worldly possessions and the importance of faith and generosity. The widow’s offering teaches us that true giving is measured by the heart, not the amount. Jesus’ warnings about the future encourage us to stay faithful and prepared, knowing that despite the trials we may face, our ultimate hope lies in God’s eternal kingdom.

This chapter challenges us to live with a focus on spiritual preparedness and to trust in God’s provision, just as the widow did. It calls us to be beacons of hope and faith in a world often filled with uncertainty and fear.

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