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Luke 14 – Putting God First

by Jill

Understanding the Teachings of Luke 14: A Lesson in Humility and PrioritizationIn the journey through the Gospel of Luke, chapter 14 stands out as a profound lesson in humility and the true cost of discipleship. Jesus’ teachings here are not only timeless but also essential for anyone striving to understand the essence of Christian living.

The Parable of the Great Banquet

The chapter opens with Jesus attending a Sabbath meal at the house of a Pharisee, under the watchful and scrutinizing eyes of the hosts. It’s in this setting that He encounters a man suffering from dropsy, whom He heals despite the silent disapproval of the Pharisees. This act of compassion sets the stage for a deeper discussion on humility and societal norms.

Jesus narrates the Parable of the Great Banquet, where He illustrates the folly of seeking honor and high status. He describes a wedding feast where guests choose places of honor, only to be humiliated when asked to move to lesser seats. This parable underscores the importance of humility and warns against self-exaltation. In God’s kingdom, the humble are exalted, while the prideful are brought low.

Invite the Unlikely Guests

In a countercultural twist, Jesus advises His listeners to invite the poor, the crippled, the lame, and the blind to their feasts—those who cannot repay the favor. This teaching challenges societal norms of reciprocity and status, emphasizing that true blessings come from giving without expecting anything in return. This act of generosity aligns with God’s heart and promises rewards at the resurrection of the just.

The Cost of Discipleship

Moving deeper into the chapter, Jesus addresses the multitude about the serious nature of following Him. He uses strong language to convey that discipleship requires prioritizing Him above all else, even above family and personal desires. This passage, often misunderstood, isn’t a call to literal hatred but a hyperbolic expression of prioritizing Jesus above all worldly attachments.Instead it highlights the importance of putting God first.

Jesus likens the commitment to building a tower or waging a war, where careful consideration and total dedication are essential. Followers must be prepared to bear their cross, signifying a willingness to endure suffering and sacrifice for the sake of Christ.

Maintaining Spiritual Integrity

Towards the end of the chapter, Jesus warns about losing one’s spiritual integrity, using the metaphor of salt losing its saltiness. Just as salt is essential for flavor and preservation, a disciple’s relationship with Christ must remain vibrant and pure. Losing this essence renders one’s faith ineffective and void.


Luke 14 challenges us to examine our motivations, our humility, and our commitment to Jesus. It calls us to a life of selfless giving and unwavering dedication. While these teachings are demanding, they promise a deeper, more fulfilling relationship with God and eternal rewards.

By embracing humility, prioritizing our relationship with Christ, and understanding the true cost of discipleship, we align ourselves with the values of the Kingdom of God. This chapter serves as a poignant reminder that in God’s economy, the last shall be first, and those who humble themselves will be exalted.

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