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The Bible in Small Steps Trailer

by Jill

Hi, this is Jill from the Northwoods. Welcome to The Bible in Small Steps, where we will explore the Bible one chapter at a time. Whether you’re a long-term believer, just curious about the scripture, or just someone like me who wants to do a deeper dive and understand the most important text ever written, that’s what we’re going to talk about. So, three times a week, we will read a chapter daily. We’re going to start with the New Testament, and then eventually, we’ll get to the Old Testament, look at the rich and complex story, and investigate what’s going on. Who wrote these books of the Bible? Where were they written? Who was the audience? And some historical context. I’m not a pastor or formally trained, but I’m a passionate seeker of wisdom and truth, I love the Bible, and I have a stack of books. And I use the powerful Logo software. Together, we will look at the historical context, the timeless messages in each chapter, and the places where they’re cross-referenced and referenced. We’ll talk about the places and people who are in these chapters so that we have a better understanding. I planned on starting this, but then I thought, why not share it with others and see their perspectives? We’ll turn it into a podcast. You can email me at jill@smallstepswithgod.com, and we can talk about it. If you think I got something wrong, I got something right, and it’s a new perspective for you, or you found something exciting, let me know. I plan on having a recap session at the end of every book to make corrections and discuss anything that interests you. With each episode, we’re going to break down the chapters, discuss the themes, and see how they connect to our daily lives how it should change our activities, our prayer life, and our meditation. We’ll learn much about what God expects from us and what we can expect from Him. And whether you’re listening at home, in your car, or on a break, it’ll be short enough and concise enough to enjoy it anywhere. This podcast will be a companion in discovering the Bible at a pace where we can genuinely absorb and go through it. This will be such a slow crawl through the Bible we’ll be able to understand each point thoroughly. There will be new episodes every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, meaning you will read the next chapter on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. So I even give you time to stay current with the podcast so that you can also do a deep dive with me. And if we hit a topic that deserves a little more attention, I will cover it in the Small Steps with God podcast. So join me on this journey of faith, understanding, and discovery. So please subscribe. You can go to thebibleandsmallsteps.com, which will show you how to connect to this podcast. So let us embark on this great new path together and learn what we can learn by studying God’s Word. I look forward to sharing those joyful moments, the tearful moments, and the inspirational moments that come with reading God’s Word. See you next time.

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