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Matthew 9 – Who Needs Jesus?

by Jill

In the first part of our discussion, we explore Matthew 9, where Jesus returns to Capernaum after the pig incident. In the first few verses, we see Jesus healing a paralyzed man and forgiving his sins, which caused controversy among the scribes. In a surprising turn of events, Jesus calls a tax collector named Matthew to follow him, which leads to a gathering at Matthew’s house with other tax collectors and sinners. This prompts the Pharisees to question Jesus’s company choice, leading to Jesus’s response that he came not to call the righteous but sinners. He reminds us that the sick need the physician, and each of us is in need regardless of background or heritage, or choices.

Next, we delve into how Jesus responds to questions about fasting from John’s disciples. He uses the analogy of wedding guests not fasting while the bridegroom is present. Jesus also introduces the parables of the unshrunk cloth and new wine in old wineskins to illustrate the incompatibility of new teaching in tattered and inflexible containers.

The narrative then shifts to a series of miraculous healings performed by Jesus. He raises a ruler’s daughter from the dead, heals a woman who has been suffering from a bleeding disorder for 12 years, gives sight to two blind men, and restores speech to a mute man. Each of these miracles highlights the faith of those healed and the compassionate nature of Jesus. Despite being accused of casting out demons by the power of the prince of demons, Jesus continues his miraculous works, demonstrating his divine authority.

Finally, as we reflect on the closing verses of the chapter, we focus on Jesus’s compassion for the crowds and his call for laborers for the harvest. The image of the harassed and helpless crowd, like sheep without a shepherd, underscores the people’s need for guidance and care. Jesus encourages his disciples to pray for more laborers for the harvest, which makes it clear that we are all called to be laborers and share in spreading the kingdom’s good news. This call to action presents a challenge for us all: to become the answer to others’ prayers and participate in the miraculous work of God’s harvest.

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