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Mark 1 – Jesus Is the Man of Action

by Jill

We dive into our new book and discuss on Mark 1 today. We’re looking at the second gospel book, which many believe was the first one written. It is thought that Mark was John Mark, Peter’s interpreter, and the book was written in Greek. Mark traveled with Paul and Peter, suggesting that Mark’s gospel is essentially the gospel according to Peter. Mark’s gospel is shorter than others, possibly because it was designed for Romans who preferred action and did not care about the history or prophecies.

Starting with the title, “The Beginning of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the Son of God,” Mark’s gospel jumps right into action. John appears, baptizing people and preparing them for the coming of Jesus. Then Jesus arrives, is baptized, and begins his ministry. Mark emphasizes that Jesus taught with authority, unlike the scribes who referred to other people. The gospel then shows Jesus performing miracles, healing the sick, and casting out demons, all while gaining fame throughout Galilee.

Mark’s gospel is filled with urgency and action, with the word “immediately” used 41 times. This gospel was written for Romans who valued decision and action. Mark tells the action-filled parts of the story and leaves out details that might bore the Romans. The gospel of Mark is a story of quick transitions, from John’s baptisms to Jesus’s teachings, to Jesus’s miracles. All these actions happen quickly, reflecting the Roman appreciation for speed and decisiveness.

In my reflection this week, I’m thinking about how we all appreciate different aspects of Jesus. Romans have a different appreciation for Jesus than Jewish people would, and even today, Christians have varied perspectives. I pray that everyone, regardless of their background, believes in Jesus and hears the message that means the most to them. So, I encourage you to share with others that Jesus is the Lord of all people, regardless of perspective.

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